jupiter in libra

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almost a month ago jupiter moved from its year long stint thru virgo into libra. jupiter in virgo was basically asking us to purify our lives, to discriminate between what or who no longer serves us and what we want to be moving toward, to integrate trauma and desires, to bring focus to our health and sense of wholeness. now that it has ingressed into libra we might be experiencing expansion around themes of relating(in both interpersonal relationships and also in the ways that we relate to ourselves, our surroundings, our jobs, our art etc), decision making, balance, communication.

i feel like i could feel the shift the very day jupiter hit 0° libra(around the 9th/10th sept). relationship themes in general are coming up hardcore for myself and those around me. im curious to know what everyone here has been feeling and how the shift is influencing our experiences around these themes

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Thats very true. Similar things are happening with me. I resigned to be with my family and the release date was 15th sep, somehow i was not released and still stuck here. I feel, i should be with the family and all of them who are disconnected at the moment. Sort of balancing act. Overseas jobs are difficult to digest , it takes us away from our roots to the world of judgements. And we use it in our shadow work. The basic theme here is trauma that i have received and i need to take care of it. This is what i realized when i read the completion process book. I received the book on 9th september. I think, now, jupiter had something to do about it. Thanks for pointing towards it. Sometimes i think, whole life we are balancing something out and evrything becomes libra. I guess, or i wish jupiter gets stuck in libra for a generation and balances out everything and then move on to unbalance again. 

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