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how do we start projects for educating our children outside of the way the mainstream has been educating is the US?

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This has been a topic that has grabbed my attention ever since my son was born in 2012. But it was recently shed new light on when I received so much prosecution from my family for not enrolling my son into one of the local pre-schools. I felt that the structure of the school was not in alignment to the vibration and spiritual level my son was demonstrating in the home environment. I was in a meditative state when I saw a very strong vision of my son attending the school of which he was supposed to be enrolled in going unexpectedly horrible (adding to my already gut feeling). I just want to know what steps are the communities on Teal's website taking to change things for the new generations coming in? So we aren't just regurgitating the same crap our parents did to us, regurgitating the same ideals we were tough in school which I'm sure most of us with a lack of better words fucking hated.  I would love to hear what others are saying (especially Teal) to what steps are being taken, starting to set up a "game plan"  that we as a community can start making to change the education system and the way we are education our children as a whole and individually. Also I would love to know in what ways I may be able to help make this into a reality. thank you all for your time in reading this, and for those who chose to give their input on the subject matter. much love and healing to you all.

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okay my niece just started school and she is already getting teased and getting made fun of, in kindergarten... maybe its a normal process humans go into but I thought these new beings were being born, not the same shitheads coming back. any sensitive person sees the other person as themselves and can feel that persons emotions like their own. that sort of made me lose faith in humans, I'm not going to lie. we have this thing about school that we can't teach ourselves or learn what we really want to learn, we have to wait an entire year to get to the next level instead of learning all year around everyday about stuff and subjects we care about so we can learn that and move on, so we don't lose interest in learning. a word a day in another language, whatever, whatever the kid is into, but school at this time will just dumb them down. if he wants to learn about space and physics at 10 then he will learn it all on his/her own, or become a writer, whatever it is, he has that in him now, school hasn't put it in him that he cant do that because he has a learning disability or whatever they do. anyone going against the normal way of doing things will get shit, that's just how it is, we evolve like snails, so some people have those blue prints to not fit in on purpose.

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I'm presently in school getting my diploma. It's a worthwhile program... it's the Revitalization of my language, SENĆOŦEN. However, I still hate some aspects of it. I also hate that my kids have to go to school so I can go to school. My plan is, once I'm done school, to start homeschooling. I'd love to take my kids on adventures, and allow our intuition to guide is. I do want to teach them Math, Reading and Writing skills, and of course arts and sciences... but Arts and Sciences can be completely lead by them. 

I want them to have an awareness of their connection to land, their own energy, their own body. 

My son is 5 and has separation anxiety since his dad started work at a camp when he was I think 4 months old. And, because of that, he has really extreme reactions of rage. I don't want him to feel like he's a freak for having rage... but dealing with his rage takes time... unconditional love and focus. Also, I think just taking this approach will help him feel more attached. 

I know there's some homeschooling communities around here where I live in BC. 

Research home schooling communities in your area? Or, start manifesting what you'd like a homeschooling community to look like. I'd be interested in hearing your ideas for education.

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