The meaning of life.

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Is there one?   

The neurotics don't know.  But are certain they "should" be doing something. "More important".  

What?   They have no idea.   Everyone Copes.  Or focuses on the world outside. Or feels angst over the doings of  someone  else.    Brand self and sell it.  Make a TV dinner out of it.  . Is that the meaning of life or success?     And if so.  Maybe it's deep in subconscious.

I'll be honest.  

I am fairly certain it's meaningless  we are here just to exist   

And there's no "right way" to do it  

so   I don't look down on others.  

Lately a lot of people tell me I'm too simple. But it is true 

I got simple needs.   Simple wants.  

And im happy .   

I cant promise I'll remain in this mood forever.  

is there meaning to life?  

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The meaning of life is everything. You set the meaning yourself.

For me it is just to enjoy my life experience even things that we tell ourselfs are negative. to experience reality to the fullest in my perspective which can be achieved by higher consciousness.

This  freedom of meaning is a symptom of humans not having any limitations. A human will always reach out for more give him the world he will seek for the stars give him the stars he will seek for the galaxies.

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Life is a series of events that we amy or may not have control over.  Not all or good.  It our reactions and to these events that shape and from us.  It is up to us to learn and to grow, to become more than we are now.

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