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Hello! I have been studying some of Teal's videos for a good while and re-watching them over again. I have started meditation been working on my inner child for two weeks working on anxiety. I have listening on the parts of working on relationships and what not. I used to be so involved in getting together with new friends, I do at times and now I seem to keep myself focus on work and not want to do anything else. I seem to be dead emotionally on the inside not excited anymore, but I have realized I miss having connections. I have been thinking of how I was told that I "spend too much time with people" and that I "shouldn't be doing" like fear is stopping me again that inner voice saying you are selfish. I want to invest in my relationships more and spend time with people. How do I get myself to be more emotionally available and ready? I used to be good at connecting with others, I know Teal has a video on that. I know focusing on my new job is important, but I seem to be home a lot, bored, and miserable. 

I have been craving for human connections it seems depression is kicking back in again causing me to stay in a negative state. Does anyone have any advice?

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I've been hearing that in this time of our planet all the hidden issues are flaring up so we can deal with them to move on up cause we can't take them with us. Both collectively and individually 


so in that regard i wouldn't feel too bad about it, I think it'll all work itself out the way you feel it should 

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