Fingers Feel Wet

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Has anyone had this happen before? It's just my left middle finger. I googled it, and the first thing that came up was "paresthesia". Second forum I saw said it's just stress/anxiety. 

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Paresthesia is losing sensation but gives crawling sensation...the body part feels litle heavy. It is wonderful that only one fingers is involved. This didnt happen to me yet. Do you mean tingling sensation or real wetness? With such experiences my imagination soars high :laughing-yahoo-emoticon:

Did you show your middle finger to someone in the middle of rain? Please elaborate this funny kind of problem..i will check that book and will try to find out the reason. Last time i checked for one of my colleague, it said 'any problem with hand or fingers indicates, you are finding it difficult to reach an agreement with someone'. Bdw, thats a nice outfit...i liked the color n pattern. And a nice baby like smile!

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