how is it possible to be this alone?

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You are not alone. You are part of this community and can choose to be part of any community or organization that fills your needs. What do you like? What do you need? What do you enjoy doing? Find a group of people who are doing it and join them. We connect with others in this world through doing. But perhaps you are not alone but lonely. We can be lonely in the midst of a crowd when we feel different and disconnected from everyone else around us. Are you resonating in this vibration because of a fear of connecting? What are you afraid of that leads you to feel loneliness in the midst of others? Teal's Completion Process helps us see how to embrace the pain as a guide to the source of our dysfunction. You are not alone.

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On 9/27/2016 at 5:26 PM, chrissy said:

i'm so alone in life right now. i want connection. how do i connect?

Share your story with us; let us see you.  That will give us the chance to respond and connect with you. We are here for you.

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