My New Vegan Diet

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I just became vegan literally a couple days ago and I'm already feeling like there's just not enough variety. The rest of my family have normal diets (my mom is somewhat open to veganism though) and I just feel like I'm not getting enough food every day so I'm not sure what to do. Does it cost more to eat plant-based since you have to buy more food to get more calories? How can I make eating plants and starches more enjoyable yet still relatively cheap? Thanks.

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I've been vegan for 3 months and I spend less money on food now than I ever did before, I get more a variety in my choices, I feel better and I look better.

What non vegan foods do you love? Look up vegan recipes and substitutes for those foods. Learn how to cook, if you don't know already. The only problem I have where variety is lacking is when I go to restaurants that do not cater to veg*ns.

I find the actual lack of variety is in the omnivorous/ carnivore diet, not the vegan one. There are animals products in literally everything that 'omnivores' eat, it's quite unnecessary and - to be frank - lazy. 

I've had to relearn how to cook and rediscover how to eat and what tastes good to me. I eat all of the same things that I did before becoming a vegan. Ice cream, cheese, cream cheese, soup, bread, rice, beans, salad, mac n cheese, coffee, all of it can be made vegan.


The hardest part about being vegan in the west is the fact that more restaurants don't cater to vegans. If you look at the poorest people in the world, they do not eat meat or dairy products. They eat lots of rice and lentils ;) 

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Vegan cheese @lightworker? 

My take on this subject is eat what you need. Today we had vegetarian in the canteen. I chose that because it looked like it resonated with me. It was freshly cooked in a wok so what resonated with me was the ting on the display plate. When I actually ate it though I could not keep on eating because of all the fat and soy sauce added.


Guess what I then took the fish + potatoes and my body became warm. Which is a good sign for me having eaten the food my body needed.

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