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Blue apatite is great for appetite control

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Hi, everybody

I've been wearing a string of blue apatite beads for just a few of days and the result is simply amazing.

I stop all my snacks and I only eat two small meals and fruits, but I seem to have more energy.

I simply don't feel hungry anymore.

 And it's now easy to just pass all those pastries and junk foods without much struggle.

I am new to this crystal healing, and I did not even clean or charge these beads at all.

This string of blue apatite is among my small inventory of semi-precious stones and jewelry findings I had bought many years ago when I tried to start my own jewelry line.


I also wear chevron amethyst beads together with apatite beads like a necklace, and I think they are synergistic.

I just had a relationship issue/disappointment and these crystal beads helped me through.

Anyone who wants to develop a healthy eating habit or lose weight, 

I strongly suggest to wear a necklace of apatite day and night.


Best of luck to everyone!



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I recently got a beautiful tumble stone of blue apatite and when I started carrying it, I had similar results! I was simply amazed at how I was not drawn to food when I was around snacks and how I was able to eat my fill and leave the dinner table not over-stuffed. The energy of this stone is just great!


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