Who has a zodiac tattoo? You may want to read this.

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I don't feel this to be accurate, my supposed new sign's characteristics don't describe me at all. 

I'm a Capi damn-it, I'm not a Sagittarius!

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the thirteenth zodiac sign thing comes up every few months, its the science worlds/media's way of attempting to delegitimize astrology. astrology is based on the cycles of the seasons on earth, not on the literal constellations. the constellations used in the zodiac have correlations to the energy shifts of the seasons and the roles of archetypes. so basically astology is a tool for understanding the ways the archetypes(the universe) are expressing/experiencing thru us. none of our signs have changed dont even worry! ur on point tho , sagittarius never lets anyone tell it what it is or isnt lol

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Astrology is a powerful tool if used properly. Elite knows about it but dont want average people to use this tool. Because they are scared that people will awaken and will know their own power and rebel, so they are shaking the very foundation of astrology...very smart! Confusing people!!

Will this be called mandela effect?

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