Choosing between Sports and Arts?

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I posted this on Teal Tribe a few days ago, but things do drown rather easily in FB groups and I still feel this is an exciting topic, so I'd be really grateful for any thoughts and insights!

Any competitive people here who are also good at the arts? Have you found a way to harness the energy of your competitive nature and use it in non-competitive endeavors such as music, writing or painting?

I am a competitive person. In my experience, being competitive is what has given me the most intense experience of life and the best results. As a child, I used to play draughts, and even though I really liked the game in and of itself, I enjoyed playing competitions and winning them even more. I was the child who would cry and hate everyone and get aggressive when I lost. And at times , even when I wasn't the very best player from an objective perspective, I would still manage to come out on top because I was so much more intensely focused on winning than everyone else.

Now, 20 years later, I don't play that game anymore, I don't feel competitive in my jobs, and what matters most to me is artistic expression. However, I feel so much more focus and energy when competing face to face against other people! Yesterday, I practiced singing after work, which I think is my passion, maybe even my purpose, and I'm happy I did. Today, however, I played ping pong with a work colleague, and I was so exhilaratingly alive when playing and concentrating on my game, trying to beat him. And yet, it was a calm, relaxed, in-the-zone kind of focus. (It was close, but I won 14-12 and 11-8!). There's just so much more energy and life in me when I'm facing an opponent!

My question is: Do you guys know a way how to channel competitive energy into the arts? Or do you think art is not my purpose at all and I should find my way back into competitive sports or games?

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