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Hello everyone out there ;)

I am curious if there are people in this community who have made significant progress and/or attracted things they always wanted into their lives - thanks to Teal's teachings? How have your lives changed? When was the first time you realized "Wow, this is really working"?

Share your success stories with us ^_^

Love, Flammable


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One of the successes i have felt is how good i am becoming at it the more i practice it.

I have practiced so much i have followed several feelings back to the egg and sperm of my mom and dad. I have even reclamed several fractured aspects that have been stuck in other beings who were near.
One time i integrated an alien aspect of myself that wasnt on earth.

I just like bragging about this but when i really put forth the intention of doing the process i can sit between 1 to 5 hours without pauses (it depends on the feeling im integrating). Man those long sessions can feel a bit disorienting coming out of.

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I wanted to start this topic myself, after seeing the incredible results I've tangibly witnessed in my own life through the CP.

The most amazing one so far: a couple of weeks ago I did a session using the process on a traumatic experience in my childhood related to the area of friendships: I had been isolated at my own birthday party, being alone in the kitchen with just two people while all the other kids were in my bedroom having fun. I re-lived that experience but this time I created a positive outcome for my little self.

Lo and behold, the very next day I received an email completely out of the blue from a girl in my town, whom I'd never heard of, and now we've already seen each other in person and found out that we have so many interests in common it just blows our minds.

I've always had issues connecting with people in real life, never finding ones who could really get my peculiar passions...This is not a coincidence. The first time ever I did a session with a wonderful completion process practiotioner, last july, same outcome: the next day I received a job offer to work in France. In the end  I didn't feel like taking that position but it turned out to be a great thing anyway.

I hope I'll get to write more testimonials like these two in the future! ^_^ Good luck everybody!

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