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Teal has said we are in a vibration that is a match for World War III. That a great change is pending but in order to have something new emerge the old must be swept away. What can we do to prevent this? What should we do to prepare for this? What could we do to facilitate this? The greater the change the greater the upheaval, the more we want to change things the more we have to accept change. 2008 was the beginning of a huge change in the financial world and continues to ripple around the world causing changes that could topple the European Union and have contributed to instability in Central Asia. The great Depression in the 30's preceded WWII. In today's world Multinational Corporations control massive amounts of resources and power. Could a change in the mind set of the economic elite change the future without the conflict of world war or nuclear exchanges? Nuclear weapons and nuclear war are still a very real possibility, the release of nuclear waste into the Pacific ocean after the earth quake and tsunami in japan would be minor compared to the release of radioactive material in a nuclear assault. It could accelerate evolution dramatically, but at the cost of terrible suffering and death. Can the world change fast enough to avoid such a conflict? Should it?

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a couple days ago I have the feeling its going to go to shit no matter what. most people who aren't numb don't like this system, so we evolve slowly so it takes some natural disaster for people to be nice to each other. I heard after 9/11 people were nice to each other, so on a bigger scale it would do the same? I'm like free will my ass, but there is free will. A part of me is like lets get this over with, I don't enjoy it. Everything is like a organism and those business entities want to stay alive. Its flawed though, school, hospitals, big pharma, the food, laws, jails, its just a huge mess and there's distractions everywhere. I don't think it can change fast enough... this is just what I feel and see around, not much change.

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