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Tessa Rae

Help Stop the DEA - Sign this petition!

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Help Stop the DEA - Sign this petition!

Hello all!

I'm here to inform you of an issue that is near and dear to my heart, and that issue is the soon-to-be prohibition of the plant medicine Kratom.

As a person who has known many heroin addicts or ex-addicts, I see the benefit in merely making Kratom a more strictly regulated substance as opposed to prohibiting its use entirely. Pretty soon, the DEA will have this substance be schedule 1, which is right up there with heroin and meth. Even though this plant medicine is shown to be beneficial in helping people struggling with opiate addiction to slowly move away from their drug habits, this plant is going to be made schedule 1 which, according to the FDA, means it has absolutely no medicinal value whatsoever.

I believe firmly that we are in a place in our evolution where we can see that drug addiction is not a criminal offense but a health problem, and should be treated as such. However, those who have kratom in their possession after Sept. 30th run the risk of spending several years in jail.

Beyond its ability to help with opiate addiction, it is also a natural pain reliever that has far less side effects compared to pharmeceutical and even other plant remedies. If you decide to research this topic on your own, you will discover many stories of people dealing with crippling pain who feel Kratom gave them their lives back after they had previously given up hope that they would ever be active again.

Signing this petition takes a minute or less to do, but its effects will last for much longer. IF this is an issue you can get on board with, spread the word! Before Sept. 30th, we still have time to act!

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