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This topic is dedicated to the subjects of breatharianism, fasting and detoxing and to share information about, along with methods of practising breatharianism/fasting/detoxing.

Although all perspectives are welcome, this is not a place intended to try to force opinions on whether people shouldn't or should practice this lifestyle. This thread is meant for information only.

So any information or experiences you may have with breatharianism, and/or fasting and detoxing are most encouraged here!


So without further ado, here are the experiences and information that I have gathered on fasting and breatharianism:



I recommend watching these videos in order, however it is not necessary. Watching them in order can (kind of) give you a step by step introduction and progression into the topic. That's how I've attempted to lay it out anyway.









Channels: - (Channel I resonate with the most when it comes to this topic. As you may have already noticed due to the high volume of videos from this channel)



I've done 2 lots of 3 day dry fasts.

I now eat eat mostly fist sized meals with soaked/sprouted nuts, seeds and fruits. I also drink herbal teas often.


There's more for me to post but this took me a while and I want to take a break. I intend to edit this post later if I can.

For now, enjoy! I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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I occasionally fast, and every time I feel high and my thoughts turn off, so its interesting when people say it heals because if thoughts create disease, you aren't thinking like day 4 so the disease can leave while fasting. im on day 3 right now, I still feel good I just crave taste lol, im not even hungry I just crave flavor. lets say the spiritual side is real, fasting is a good way to test that, that's why I do it, to "connect" and see how far I can go, not killing myself, but its a mental and emotional thing, emotions come up and you have to deal with them, you aren't distracted by food and pleasure and you just have this higher perspective weather its real or not, this higher perspective comes with fasting. I plan on doing a week just to have that experience and maybe go longer, depends how I feel. I believe it is possible because I believe in source and other realities, I could be wrong of course, but that's what I've experienced.

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On 6/12/2016 at 7:40 PM, Drai said:

So any information or experiences you may have with breatharianism, and/or fasting and detoxing are most encouraged here!


If I know I'm not going to be doing any strenuous work, I fast for about 8-10 hours a day, especially if I'm meditating a lot in a day. Typically around 4 times a week (days when I volunteer, I do a lot of heavy lifting, and it's not something I want to do with my tank on empty). I hydrate a lot at that time, and also do oil pulling with organic coconut oil for 20 minutes when I first wake up on a completely empty stomach to pull impurities out. Before I eat later in the day, I hydrate again with some ginger & lime water, then wait another half an hour or so until I dig into anything. I have a 99.9% plant and vegetable-based diet, so my body is running pretty efficiently already. :) I hate the feeling of being full, so this works well for me. Juicing also helps to keep my blood sugar from dipping too low. 

Inadvertently, oil pulling and hydrating detoxes the body, and I try to do it about 5 times a month. Some folks do it every day, but beside oral hygiene and tooth strengthening, it depends on how a person feels about it - some can't even stand to do it at all!

Hope that helps. Really interesting links on this topic!

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