Meaning of 11:11?

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The last reply made me laugh internally because I know that feeling haha.

I've noticed I tend to see repeated numbers in general not only 11:11 but also 22:22, 22:44 and things like that really often at certain times in my life.

I am also not completely sure what it means. However what I relate it to is mosty change, big shifts either in myself and my life/my vibration, or in the world at large, or maybe both. I'd keep it mostly to an individual level, because if the world at large changes so will your individual life so...

I also take it as a 'good'  sign, I suppose, because although changes aren't always easy, the simple fact that I am percieveing these numbers to me shows me that I am either in alignment or achieveing a higher vibration / broader consciousness.

I also relate it to maybe my guides or the universe telling me 'changes are happening and we got your back' sorta thing.

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