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We all need to love ourselves. shadow aversion

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We all need to love ourselves. shadow aversion

I do.   

I had in past times.   Avoided my own shadow.  Afraid to expose my naked and shame felt truths inside.   I will.  I have and I don't need to air it out here.  But if I felt I could trust that I'm safe.   I would tell all.  

But somethings should stay secrets between individuals.   We have to keep certain things ourself.   Secrets we share.  With no one else.  Or those of us who conquer the shadow.  I'm not sure I believe it yet.  No one can be fully naked all the time always.   

But you can try with one person or naught.  

And that makes you say.   Omg it's hard to love myself in the darkest shadow side of my wicked soul.   It's not pure evil.  It's filled with all my arrested development in pure inglorious ways. 

How do you learn to love yourself after it's been exposed to you?

being able to do that is worth love enough. 

Map it.   Keep it close.   Or let it out.  Shout ur truth and make it hurt.   Because you wish it wasn't true.  And you can't here. It's incorrect medium for that my Ally or foe. 

I don't need a foe.   But I will challenge.  And I will lose good sport.  

And there's some ash to rise from whenever you go one magic step closer to truly naked. With yourself.  And love comes in the backdoor. 

Dupe.  Delete pls

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