How to quit drinking and maintain social life.

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How to quit drinking and maintain social life.

Umm. There's other things I could involve myself in.  When I do go out tho.  I feel almost compelled to drink.  Bc I feel more sociable or whatever. 

But in reality.  I hate drinking --- I am not charming or funny.   I make poor decisions.  It leaves me feeling low and lousy.    And it does nothing positive for me.   Except it does  make me feel more comfortable sitting around strangers.   Talking.   Or being sociable to a very thin line.    It's almost unreachable. And I decided.   

After some deep thoughts.   I would like to quit drinking altogether.  As I only sociably drink.    But.  I don't like the way i lose my balance when I do it. 

What do you do when u stop drinking?    Like why is it such a big deal?    I don't know.  

I feel hesitant to quit.   Cause it's just words.  And one day.  I'll be bored or asked to accompany a friend out somewhere uncomfortable or where I feel out of place.  I'll hit up the bar and feel at ease a bit after 1 1/2 drinks. 

But.  Not really. 

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