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Vibrational Map of the World

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How do you pick a place to live on this Earth?

I love it when Teal points out the dominant positive and negative vibrations of the cities and places she visits. A few years ago, I toyed with the idea of studying city planning, because some cities just don't feel "right" to me. However, I have since given up on the idea of fixing the world and am instead focusing on finding the place which vibrationally resonates with me, where I can either expand or live a beautiful life. This is currently a hot topic for me as I am leaving Dublin and moving to Lisbon in 3 weeks. This move is completely based on my intuition...

It would be awesome to have a map of the world, based on which you can decide where to move to, according to what you want to experience. To be more specific: How do you find out which place is right for you in terms of expansion, and which one is right if you want to experience contrast? However, I also feel that different people perceive different vibrations. For instance, I may have personal issues that make me blind to the beauty of a place.

Here are my own assessments of some places I have lived. I'll try to describe the feelings and experiences I associate with each place:

Tiraspol, Moldova: The town where I spent the first 11 years of my life. Haven't been there since 2002, except in dreams. Feels like home when I think of it. Also beauty, and a sense of mystery. A past-life kind of mystery. I feel like those years were not my childhood, but a past life.

Ljubashevka, Ukraine: My mom's birthplace. A very small village-like town where I first became aware that places have their own vibrations. It seems like this place always felt like death or sickness to me, especially 2002, the last time I visited. Ever since then, I tend to feel extremely sad and uncomfortable in the countryside and small towns.

Bonn, Germany: I moved there with my parents at age 11. A lot of personal trauma experienced here, but also a lot of good feelings and peace and resolution. I don't feel like any of it is connected to the vibration of the city as such. When I go back there to visit my parents, I like to explore parts of the city that I didn't frequent when I lived there. Sometimes I feel like settling down near the river Rhine and become a 19th century composer.

Munich, Germany: I moved here at 19 to study at university which, in retrospect, was a pretext to start searching for myself in absolute freedom. I fell in love with the city at first sight. When I think of Munich, it's pure MAGIC! I could just walk the streets aimlessly forever, breathing in the city's beauty and co-creating life-changing synchronicities. The city where I've been the most creative, the most daring, the most in love, and also the most desperate. Toward the end of my time in Munich, I took many extended walks, expecting more magic to unfold...but it stopped. In the 8 years of living here, I ultimately failed to find my purpose, and was facing the challenge of earning a living, which is why I ended up moving to

Dublin, Ireland : I felt excited during the first 3 days here. I felt like there were great things to come for me in this city. But it turned out to be mostly contrast. I had to start and commit to a strong yoga practice to survive this place. Dominant emotions: Emptiness. Nothingness. Dull, boring work. Very little beauty here...people seem to mistrust classical beauty, splendor and grandeur which I so resonated with in Munich. No place to sit down and peacefully read a book in the city center, very few benches, very few open spaces. Hectic people rushing to their boring work, hectic tourists crossing off items on their sightseeing list. Coping, coping, coping... The whole city is a giant malfunctioning coping mechanism. However, it inspired people like James Joyce - maybe there's something I personally don't see? After 2 years, the city still triggers me every day, and I have enough of that. That's why I'm going to

Lisbon, Portugal: I have always dreamt of living in a city with warm climate near the sea. I love the multidimensionality of Lisbon's hills. I love the Portuguese language. Big open spaces, but also lots of labyrinths. Some high buildings, which feels like "big city" to me. (My favorite accomodation experience ever was a flat on the 16th floor in Berlin.) My life wants to be a blank canvas again.



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