What's your Zodiac?

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Wood Tiger Aquarius Ascendant Aquarius.

Does anyone work with the "new" Zodiac as Ophiuchus and Cetus have come into alignment with the ecliptic? 

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7 hours ago, Mind's Eye said:

How do you find your rising sign?

Enter your birth date and time into a natal chart calculator online, e.g. or

Your rising sign can also be called ones Ascendant sign, so look out for either description... there'll be a long list of various signs, from sun and rising to moon and mercury, etc.

What I like about these websites it that there's a pictoral depiction of ones natal chart... does anyone know how to attach a copy of ones chart in a post? (I've tried but it won't let me copy and paste a screenshot.)

Incidentally, I'm Aries sun, with Pisces Rising :)

EDIT: just tried out entering my details in multiple free online calculators, and some say I'm Pisces Rising, others Aquarius Rising...I wonder how one can more definitely calculate ones rising a way I'm in the same boat as you, @Mind's Eye xD 

2nd Edit: It turns out the difference of half an hour on when you were born (and enter into the calculator) can be the difference between different signs! (Pisces rising it is)...

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1 hour ago, Diana Luna said:

One of my best friends is Gemini with Pisces rising.

Capricorn Sun, Leo Rising here ^_^

duel nature and 2 fish. I bet they're sensitive lol, I am.

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