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No words vegan heart healing________If you want to listen to a cool beat while you watch these slides it will help with the experience. (the beat is also my creation) http://projecttakeaknee.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Project3.mp3


Collage 2016-09-07 23_49_45.jpg

Collage 2016-09-07 23_54_33.jpg

20160908_001055.jpg Collage 2016-09-07 23_57_31.jpg

Collage 2016-09-08 00_00_07.jpg

corn tortillas.jpg

Collage 2016-09-08 00_03_26.jpg

Collage 2016-09-08 00_04_14.jpg

I know that the goat cheese is not vegan but it is absolutely optional and it is the only cheese that I will eat once in a blue moon. 

Edit: ps: this only took 15 mins to prepare, conduct and finish.

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