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can anyone channel spirit guides?

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Do you mean channel for you or advice on how to channel yourself?

Honestly if you already feel like they're trying to tell you something, then you're already close. You barely even need another person at this point. Sit quietly with yourself and listen. Let your thoughts run regardless of if they fix on your question or not. Don't expect or label anything. Don't expect anything of your guides. Just listen. Wait for a thought or feeling that feels like a bubble popping that you didn't know was even there. If it's true guidance that's how it will feel. Your question will pop like a bubble and you will have the answer.

And Teal's video on Intuition is, of course, very illuminating.

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3 hours ago, Damon is Awesome said:

can anyone channel spirit guides?

I really really feel like mine are wanting to tell me something and I have one quick question, I know the answer wil be very important, can anyone offer any channeling help? haah


i read that as similar to

can anyone impersonate me, please? i really really feel like i have to answer a question for myself and i'd rather hear it from someone else's mouth, because i don't believe myself enough on my own. 

haah ( that's probably universal)


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