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Tessa Rae

On Healing

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Healing has always been our destiny. 

Just as the passage of time flows on, so does the blood pumping through our limbs.

Cells are created and taken away. The earth spins and cycles back again. 

Just as the cycles of life and death itself, the sun and moon rise and set in a rhythm much more complex than meets the eye.

Healing was never an option; our destiny as sure a force as gravity itself.

Some spend their days pushing forward, as their wounds leave traces of red on the earth beneath them.

Some spend their days in quiet solitude, dressing their wounds in white gauze, hidden from the world.

Between both, however, there was never a doubt whether or not healing would occur.

Where there is life, there is healing.

Sore muscles beg to be stretched gently. Broken bones not tended scream in pain. A bleeding gash ignored streams in rouge. 

A wound ignored stays a wound longer.

But a wound ignored, will heal nonetheless. 

Sore muscles will revert back to their previous size when ignored. Broken bones mesh together adjacently when ignored. Bleeding gashes scab over with infection when ignored. 

Healing continues as life does. 

At the heart of healing, there is a question.

The question we really must ask ourselves is not whether or not healing will occur. 

Where there is life there is healing. So long as we are alive, we will heal.

 Rather, we must ask ourselves, What are we willing to do to tend our wounds, as we heal?

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