Do you love what you're doing? I need some inspiration

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Do you love what you're doing? I need some inspiration

I want to be a multimedia artist who combines video and other mediums... I'm in the 2nd year of a 2 year diploma program. I chose this to see if I wanted to do anything with Education - I DON'T - but I've learned a lot of meaningful knowledge that I hope to continue to develop in the future.... juuuuust not with a focus on being an Educator or anything within the confines of a Education structure.

I'd like to know if others feel like they've been able to undertake some meaningful work in their life. I know we talk alot about healing, but I think it'd be super inspiring for a lot of people if you shared that you have found something or some THINGS to do that are a reflection of your feeling of abundance. :)

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On 9/5/2016 at 4:08 PM, tiffonce said:

Do you love what you're doing? I need some inspiration


Yes, I love what I am doing.  What I do is live, not work.

I quit my corporate ladder climbing in early 2015.  Been doing LOTS of inner work to put myself back together again. I was successful thanks in large part to Teal's processes.  This month, I am looking forward to becoming a certified facilitator for Teal's Completion Process.  I love the Completion Process and the results that I see when people use it. It changes lives like nothing else I have experienced!

I also call myself a spiritual entrepreneur, following my interests to create changes that I want to see in the world.  Currently I am working on the following projects:

- An online community called the Vale of Miracles.  This will be a place where people who want to serve can easily setup shop and connect with people who are searching for help.  I want to take the fear and pain away from making the right connections between searchers and teachers.

- I also love writing stories about real life miracles and posting them on my website: amazawa.me. One day, I will collect these stories into a book.

- I am learning how to create a sustainable community.  In the next year or so, I will start creating a small community of family members and begin practicing living off the grid in a sustainably "comfortable" way.  I see this as a step by step journey toward becoming completely self-sustaining and resilient to crashes in the current world systems. I also want to model a way of life that is aligned with Mother Earth instead of being destructive. It's time to act!

Besides the above, I keep myself open to whatever else might come.  I love the freedom to choose what I want to do each day! I am also addicted to traveling.  

Yeah... that's what I do in a nutshell.  :) 

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