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Something huge happened and I don't know.

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Something huge happened and I don't know.


Ok tribe this is huge! So me and a friend, Sara have been talking and we knew about each other's situations, i wanted to hug her and she wanted the same, but I'm from the UK and she is in Slovenia. So we energetically hugged, and... This is what happened. So she hugged me and I felt intense, really fuckin intense, like energy wise, and I hugged her and she felt her heart expanding, it began to hurt and mine was expanding, but it didn't hurt, then for the next two hours we were in communication because all of our shadows had opened up and either we felt our own or the other's shadow, for instance one aspect she felt was my suppress anger and I had felt her throat which was on fire, burning, then it kept coming up everywhere and it was intense but we were with each of our aspects. There were times when we just felt so distant and lonely from ourselves. (I also managed to see some orbs knowing other beings were with us, positive ones they were). And, we decided to face each other in a lotus position and we found that we were terrified, we had the same shadow. Then Sara thank god some how had the thought of us together somewhere, sitting next to a fire, with a nicely decorated house, and I saw the stars. In hers I cried on her lap, in mine she was holding my hand and we we laughing, but we felt oneness instead of distant, like we both knew none of our pasts could touch us, this pain, we were at peace. Then, we were being authentic and we kept saying we love each other and LITERALLYwe both felt our hearts just radiate to our chests. We, were very open to each other about our shadows, but is like we went through our aspects and discovered the root that we have the same shadow of being terrified, but then we came to that imagination like a safe place, literally like the completion process. And we also felt like we were sitting next to each other in real life, not distant. So my question is, how the FUCK did this happen?!.! Hahahah all we wanted to do was hug and we went through this entire intense process for hours, can this happen with anyone, because we know now we are linked, connected, is this something to do with twin flames? What the heck is this? Hahaha"

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