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Tessa Rae

Downvoting gone?


Downvoting gone?

Has downvoting been removed from the forums? Or has it only been removed for me?

I feel like taking the downvotes out is not a very good idea, it seems to go against what Teal teaches about embracing shadow aspects, not only light and positive aspects of a situation. I also feel like it is important to be able to show that we do not agree if someone is trolling or being a bit blunt in their speech but isn't bad enough to report.. now basically we have it so bad posts will either exist and not be voted upon at all or will be removed completely.

If downvoting isn't gone, it would be nice to give each user a certain number of downvotes so that users can't spam dislikes on people for no reason...

EDIT: Nevermind, it came back!

EDIT September 26: Nevermind, it is gone again!

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