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How will you channel your inspiration into the physical world?

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How will you channel your inspiration into the physical world?


I think what's hard as a student of life aka a student of Law of Attraction... I still feel a sense of separation... It's like, what do we do now that we're woke?

I know, follow our intuition. But, it's not like we can have these cool conversations about Teal Swan with everyone lol. So, I'm just curious... once we've established our practice of diving into the shadows... and being receptive to light, positivity, gratitude... What are we gonna do now?  My main goal here is to find out what you're gonna be doing. But if you feel inclined to provide some encouraging words for me, I'd appreciate that.

Please note: The following questions don't need to be answered to me, but they're musings that just so happened to release a lot of tension. :)

Do we manage to become caretakers of land? Do we continue to participate in an area of life where we'd be a leader into new territory, form of expression, etc. but would face resistance because of a lot of unhealed stuff - which we're totally aware of a basic idea of what the root of that is? Which would make us have to collaborate with the people who see us as the visionaries we are, but have to wait for them to catch up and be able to see the bigger picture we can see? 

Or, do we just focus on finding space where we can exist in a high vibration with the least resistance? With an abundance of acceptance and encouragement?

I think the area of life in which I can live with the least resistance from other humans, lol, is as an artistic storyteller. Where I can collaborate with people who recognize I have great ideas and are super supportive of them. I feel like that exists. 

When I think of another avenue. I feel like I'm just seen as someone whose supposed to be a pioneer... and that I have to lead, in a boss/manager style... and be someone who constantly has to bug people to do the things I want to do... 

A metaphor is like... I feel like the ideal for me is I have a rocket big enough for anyone who wants to join me... and I wanna fire it up and go! And, hopefully people will see what I've done and maybe ask how they can join along, or how we can collaborate, eventually.

But, the other option is that I am building rockets for a lot more people.... And, there's delays, and setbacks, personal attacks :P lol .... but there's a good chance we all have rockets in the end. 

Among many things, I'm a videographer, and a synchronicity happened in signing up for a workshop..... and if I connect with the person who lead the workshop... she has skills to help me create the things I've intended to create. 


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