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Notes from the Livestream

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Notes from the Livestream

Here are my notes, if someone can get something out of it. They are far from complete, rephrased in my own words and thoughts, so no guaranties.


How to use the completion process Teal's MasterClass
◇  Getting sleepy/Dissociation/numbness:
Let yourself sink into the numbness fully, let it happen, be present
      ➜   eventually the wall will go down, and the unconcious will come up 

◆    Trauma: Parts of your consciousness dissociate, one aspect of yourself stays back
The completion process brings back awareness, intuition of your past self, and self assuredness

» when is it over, i want to be complete, i need to heal to get better «
      ➤   Be happy with who you are, you are complete as you are  
      ➤   You're doing the completion process because you want to be with yourself and you love beeing with yourself (=/ doing it out of suffering)
      ➤   Imagine the process like going in the basement with a flashlight and making the shadows visible  
◇  Always use the oldest memory, the root memory will integrate the younger ones as well
◇  Sometimes you need to set off your own triggers ➜  go in the direction of your resistance, do the activity you're feeling so much resistance towards, and be fully present with the resistance and other feelings arising
◇  Be accepting towards all your aspects: 
      ➤     e.g. don't judge the destructive part of yourself, validate its needs
      ➤     even imagine through revenge fantasies, it will raise your vibration one step further by  giving you the feeling of freedom, relief
      ➤    don't judge your true feelings; don't fall into right/wrong mentality

◇  You might need to go through a memory several times. Often there are different aspects, feelings and desires to be met
◇  Questioning: »When was the first time i used this ...[coping technique, e.g. supression, distraction..] to cope with this ...[feeling] «  
◇  Vibrational Raise: Imagine a ladder of vibrations, in order to climb up you need to take it step by step, e.g. from depression to rage to relief (imagining the revenge) 
➜  acknowledge if a feeling feels "right" or "wrong" to you(social conditioning), integrate that judgement with the conscious intention of going through a feeling and validating it

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Hi! Is there an image of the emotional scale that Teal was drawing? Unfortunately the stream was bad quality so I didn't see the drawing.. Also, I'd be very curious  to see a full range (from lowest vibration to highest) scale of emotions.

Thanks so much! 

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Even rewatching the quality will be just a bad though i think the picture wasn't as hard to understand as Teal made it out to be, it really wasn't a polynomial funtion. For some emotions she was even torn where to place them, so forget about that graph. The next step in emotion on that ladder will come to you naturally when you're accepting towards all your feelings.

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