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no boundaries

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no boundaries

my daughter and i are in constant danger. i have no one to turn to. our only choice is to stay with a verbally abusive, mind fuck master mother or live on the streets. i've tried to leave dozens of times in the last 7 years , moved to other states, other cities but we always end up back here because she's been the biggest help financially and i've been struggling since my husband died.
last time we left out of desperation we lived in a hotel until i ran out of money and then there wasn't any room in the womens shelters. 
its all bad. the teachers in her schools have always made her cry, so we homeschool
my late husbands family is awful and i'm finding that his life was parallel to mine before he took his life.
we're all alone and no one will help.
we have a bed, a/c, clothes, food entertainment but there is this constant darkness an hour before my mother returns from work and then over the weekend.
my mother in law has her the first of every month because of grand parents rights.
i have no family or friends to speak of that can help us.
i'm so scared please help.

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