how many aspects does 1 human have you think?

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how many aspects does 1 human have you think?

I noticed we all have a lot of aspects and we are more than just the nice person, funny person or spiritual person, so why is it that people only show 1 or a few aspects that they show the world? are people hiding all their dark shit or its just normal in society to play the outstanding citizen, but even that is just a aspect. I feel like my higher self in this body that has been influence by every single person I've ever met and my ego chooses to be anyone. I choose to be shy because that's who I'm letting drive this vehicle? the shy aspect of me that I decided to make a part of my identity and when I'm not that, I'm a liar, but I'm just playing the shy character anyway, its all just a role, this goes with everyone's in alignment self, why am I not letting that me drive the vehicle? I take pride in being honest and me just switching and being the real me would come off as being a liar to the people in my life, but I'm lying not being the real me, so I'm a liar lol. oh what the ego does to try to protect itself.... you build your ego, you can be anyone, that you already exists on some timeline he/she exists already, but the ego holds on to its identity that you programmed it to be on a subconscious level. I enjoy going deep in thought, so I'm just thinking about this and how hard it is to not be the person everyone sees us as, people are a lot more complicated and deep then what's on the outside and what image they show, its interesting to me. just my thoughts.

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