How Does A Person Handle Those That Firmly Believe In The Lies They are told?

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I'm going to leave it up to you guys to talk about since I'm still furious from having a conversation with a person who is just spewing the same nonsense that even those poisonous politicians are doing just to get fame and the fame loving minions they have created LOVE it, they love watching people get debunked and laughing at them and even to the point of them being the bad guy..  And don't even seem to CARE that say for the film for VAXXED, the people behind it all, in the case of the MMR vaccines and so on.  people in the high ends of the government, the most brilliant scientists had to co-sign on the fact but that fact wasn't even mentioned.  Somebody who knows the ins and outs of this sort of stuff could better tell this sort of guy what for but all I can do is refer them to videos and the real testimonials of ordinary people and in the government itself, which is what this whistle blowing thing was about and weirdly enough, the same sort of corporate structure has sort of made it's way into our school systems, our hospitals, our churches, dunno which one started it, government or church, BUT seems like to me they are both one in the same to keep everybody quiet, one acts like the bad guy while the other pretends to be the savior and switch it up in such a way so people don't catch on.  x.x  How do you constructively handle these people.. to me, it's like no matter how many books you read, these people just don't shut up or simply wont listen... and to one who has his eyes open and watching him just repeat things that the same group that did the framing of Andrew Wakefield.  It's alll about the shaming/framing/debunking/fame seeking and use all of these as a way to make ourselves feel better and so on.  and it's endless if this keeps on going.  I can't help but feel stupid when they act like they know it all and try to present me with " evidence" when it sounds like evidence given by the government itself, by certain people who have reared people into only trusting their word.    And i just love when people pull the carpet out from under people like those who actually are not even working on the medicine and just spend the money somewhere else.  how can this be possible if everything is all well in that country and so on?

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Lets just shift our focus to good people...whatever we focus gets importance. Let them laugh and we ignore their laughter calling them 'victims'...what say?

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Troll 'em !!!!!


Do what Amit said


.... whilst trollin'

(there's a real art to that)

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