Massive resistance.

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Lately I have been trying to get on a pension for a broken back. I was asked by the employment officer to apply. After jumping through hoops , and spending money I dont have, they have rejected the application. So here is where I stand, I can no longer work for insurance reasons ( not fit for work ) , do not qualify for pension, and if I cash in my superannuation they will tax it at 40%.  The government even made me drive over 250km to be assessed and on the way home I got a speeding ticket for 170 bucks. I earn just $330 per week. This has put me way back and into a corner. All of this is not my choice but is just what I have to do, I try to stay positive but it is hard. I was a tradesman earning a high salary, I dont miss it much but I wish I could get out of this shit situation. Why do the rich kick you when you are down ? I am trying not to build hate or anger but it is very testing time for me. I have always put others before myself , helped even when I was not much better off myself. Any thoughts because I have none left. 

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Walt , this has been normal for me for over two years now. I fought the law and the law kicked my butt. I am working out how to break away and make changes . I keep working on myself and when the opportunity arises , I will certainly act on it.  Takes more than that to keep me down, I am a fighter , that's fore sure.

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