Where do souls come from?

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Hello there!

I have a question :) 

Reading "Realms of the Earth Angels", by Doreen Virtue, I got the idea that there are various realms or planes from where souls are from, like incarnated angels, starseeds, etc.

But what about if you are not anything of this? Can you be "just" human, for example? If so, is your soul "from" Earth?

I know we all come from the same source and at the very least we are all one and the same.

but, how many soul realms are there? 

Thank you very much! :D



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Your soul is that which survives "death." So we come here to the physical realms, of which there are many.  Teal has spoken of other dimensions but regardless, we have bodies sometimes  and sometimes not so much. I guess I am not sure what you are asking and why. I am not familiar with that book by Doreen Virtue. You mentioned soul mates. I believe a soul mate is someone with whom you may have had many lifetimes and you and this person have an affinity for one another. 

Your soul cannot be from Earth because this is a material plane. It doesn't not produce immaterial stuff! 

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