Jerry Tyfting

I want help with the relationship with my self

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Heres what i want help with. It is the feminine and masculine aspects of me. And please skip the "you are already whole" speech. It is un-helpful and invalidating to what i want here.

This relationship dynamic i have within is very similar to the relationship i grew up with watching my parents have. My mom barely seemed interested in my dad and thus that is the closest feminine figure i adopted behaviors and energy from. Assuming that this is what femininity is.

My dad were hard, emotionally didnt really care and that became abuse on an emotional and mental level. This is what i assumed masculinity was.
Either way you look at it these patterns of behaviors i adopted like all children do from their environment growing up. 

This is the relationship within myself...almost a split of aspects that dont want to be near each other. A femininity that does not want to be near my masculinity...she recents him but allows whatever happens. True that there are positive sides to these things but i can still feel a sort of split or fracture that for one aspect to feel empowered i almost have to back down or surrender with the other one.

The relationship is unhealthy, i dont know how to fully resolve this. My parents would be better off by seperating, buuut you cant really do that with yourself. Trust me i have tried it. When one part (masculine or feminine) of you seperates, you then exist in a limbo state of one side is dead and the other alive and healthy:ish.
These things want to become reintegrated and healthier. So yea i dont know how to healthily approch something like this...i want help with it. 

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Completion process could be the solution i think @Jerry Tyfting. I have high hopes from that process....yest i ordered that book. You please buy it. I am thinking of making that book my goal for the next year. Otherwise i dont see any solution elsewhere

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