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I tapped into a source of probably many traumas

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So i was just doing the completion process and what came up was a kind of nightmare i had as a child i saw the predator from the movie predator right in front of me and ran away.
As a child i was watching a whole lot of TV because my mother was  not really available and wanted me to be there for her though. I think there will be a whole lot of trauma just from watching movies that are probably too much for a little child. What do you guys think is the best way to integrate parts of self that were split apart by nightmares or movies?

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shorter sentence

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Wow ... that's a REALLY long sentence!  :D

This is my understanding of dreams: your own subconscious creates them using symbolism according to what each symbol means to you.  Far more important than "figuring it out" is "experiencing it out."  What did you feel, experience, when you were originally watching the movie?  What makes you feel that way in real life?  The Predator was an aspect of you.  So in this case, I would tend to think it's not trauma, but a reflection of what you're in the process of creating in your life right now - the feelings and experience you got from watching the movie, at the time you saw it. Generally speaking, looking for logical correlations to real life will usually lead in the wrong direction, or no direction at all.  You have to look at feelings and experience.

I am no expert.  See what others have to say also.

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