best colon cleanse?

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What I like to do for a nice colon cleanse is always a simple drink of epsom salts. Just fill up a glass of water with about 2-3 tablespoons epsom salts, and then drink a glass of that every two hours. You'll get the runs, but you'll also end up clearing a bunch of stuff out of your colon that way... the first time I did this for a colon cleanse, seriously changed my life! It cleared me right up!

Sometimes to add to a colon cleanse I will mix things like psyllium husk powder and bentonite clay into the epsom salt mixture in order to 'grab' some extra sludge built up. But for the most part, I just do a simple magnesium sulfate/epsom salt drink. (it tastes gross though, just a warning). I would only add these in after doing a few simple epsom salt colon cleanses.

In a colon cleanse formula, you'll want to avoid certain ingredients, such as: wheat, soy, corn, and sugars (even natural sugar). Personally I would not reccomend pre-formulated colon cleanses over making your own out of the above ingredients, just because it's first of all cheaper, and second of all has more pure ingredients.

In addition it might be a good idea to abstain from grains for a few days before doing a colon cleanse, as these get trapped in the colon quite easily. If you do eat grains, make sure to chew them (see below)

Finally, to maintain the health of your colon I would recommend thoroughly chewing your food till it is about the consistency of yogurt so it can easily pass through your intestines. I have actually been amazed at how much my health has improved just by chewing my food thoroughly (and also by avoiding GMO foods).

If you really want to take it to the next level you can do a parasite cleanse by eating raw garlic with wormwood, cloves, and black walnut (sold in capsule form).. But parasite cleanses can be intense so I understand if you wouldn't want to go that route...

Also, I love to finish a good epsom salt colon cleanse with probiotic/live/raw foods... raw milk if you have access to it, kombucha, pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi etc etc. or even a probiotic formula that is refrigerated.

Good luck, hope this helps!! :)

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