Have you ever fallen out with a crystal?

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Have you ever had a crystal that at one point seemed to resonate strongly with you and really liked the energy of only to either suddenly or over time fall out with the crystal and no longer enjoy it's company?

This is not a personal experience of my own but I am curious as to what people's different perspectives and stories are :)

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Once I had a blue crystal (think it was blue agate) and my throat chakra really needed some help so I was using it. Then I dropped it to the toilet and then I think out my balcony and I was like OH ok I think we need to stay away lol. So I just cleaned it and put it in the kitchen :P  maybe it just needed some clearence don't know! Also once dropped one of my rose quartz after I used it too much. Maybe sometimes we use their energy so much so they want to stay away haha. But I clear my crystals in salt water every now and then!

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AHhh I love this post hehe!

For me, that stone is Moldavite.

I loved my moldavite when I first got it, about two years ago. It was after I spent a weekend in the mountains when I found myself in my favorite crystal shop, eyeing a ring with a jagged dark green, triangular rock at its center. It seemed to emulate the very mountainous crests that I had just spent time hiking in, and I knew Moldavite was an important stone that had the potential to change everything. That moldavite in particular seemed to imprint on me, and I bought it.

Moldavite is an excellent spiritual stone, don't get me wrong, but it is also notorious for speeding up self-growth processes exponentially. It eventually got to a point where my life was changing SO fast I couldn't take it any more... I didn't do anything with the ring consciously, but my moldavite ring has vanished sometime in the past few months. Haha, probably between all the emotional breakdowns it took the hint that I needed a recovery period.

I probably should have taken a break from it a while ago, but it's just so beautiful haha. This sounds so dysfunctional x)

I still love that ring even though it has put my life on a rollercoaster. I hope I find it someday when I am a bit more healed and stronger than I was when the stone first came into my life. ;) Then back on the rollercoaster I shall go!

Seriously, don't fuck with Moldavite you guys, that stone's nothing to mess around with haha. I can't believe that it's been only two years since having it :0 LMAO I hope I didn't drop it, whoever picks it up is in for a time that's for sure! x'D What a cruel joke that'd be to give it as a gift to someone!

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