A poem I wrote when I was younger

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I wrote this poem close to 10 years ago, as a teenager. I'm 26 now.

It was titled "Doom Every Day"

I'm the dark angel on the rocks
Watching over the gruesome docks
As once a day the ship pulls in
That only god know's what's within
And as each day the truth unfolds
I pray one day it will be gold.

I've not a massive poetry writer to be honest so this is just "for what it's worth" and not supposed to be a masterpiece or anything. I have just written this one and in more recent years a couple of love poems. That is the extent of my experience.

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I like it! ?

Drunk as hell just from smell;

Are you alive or can you tell?

Weekend's here, throw-up the beer;

Get in the car and try to steer.

Faster and faster into the wrong lane, oh my God now that's a shame. 

Made that up when I was 16 and I'm 34 now. Surprised I remembered it. I wrote a lot of poems then an a few since. 

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