Getting to know a new romantic partner!

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Hi everyone,

I have a relationship question. I have just met someone new and we are dating. Does anyone have a spiritual perspective/technique/tips on how we can see a new love interest clearly and not see them through 'rose tinted glasses'.


in the stages of infatuation/excitement/getting to know someone new, I find it very easy to just see the good points and gloss over the 'real person'. It often isn't until a relationship is established that I notice the parts that bug me, which are often deal breakers! Some people would call these red flags.


i don't want to rush into this new relationship and have it end, as I'm looking for a long term partner.

Thanks x

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Then stay with that person when those red flags come up, by red flags i assume it can mean either things which he/she is reflecting from you or essentially things you don't like say he/she eats meat and ur a vegan, u know that sort of thing. Well for the first scenario stay with them, but the second one, well, if honestly they are not the person you deeply desire from your heart, its up to you to make a choice, because we can always manifest literally a very specific person into our lives, Mackenzie scott was a perfect example of this who teal intervied, I'm talking crazy specific. Like u said u are dating, so if its comfortable for you then keep doing it and don't rush into the relationship, find out what they like and don't of course. But you have to be very careful, a conscious person dating a person who isn't open to spirituality and stuff like this, can go either way, I'm not gonna make any judgments because i know people who are in that relationship such as my parents and also people who don't like that, such as if something bad happens in the world and your partner is flipping their shit out thinking the world is bigger than them, and u are keeping ur cool cus u know how to create ur own reality and this bad event is just part of the polarisation, u have to take into account how u would deal with those scenarios. Anyway, its completely up to you, nothing is impossible, if u end up liking this person after a dates then go for it,

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