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Angel heavnly kindagarden

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Im Not Done yet.



Well walk walk walk whos there a wannabe teal yeah.. im not completly blind u know oh sorry who am i ? God happy hour walk on walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk what do u mean i work out walk wait sweety who are u 007 sorry im just a nice guy from somewhere if u belive that i do what should i do fuck me do u have a condom + ?  NO try to make one well maybe yeah damn u hot u not sorry i cant lie im just a normal guy not good enough for u ? princess? guys u had something on u mind what do u mean well u completly chargede at me a little scary sorry sometimes fear is in my system then im not james blunt then walk to a new place (u welcome to follow)

Then i met some people and i saw My child hood code for meeting uriel so i guess no hey female vocie in my head il be brave for as long as i can how can u hear me iv trained under god commands for 4½ year now iv been pretty good at listning no u not i guess u see u self in many shapes and color but then agian the text is black it means a movement in the univers are u afriad dont be i have nothing else to do so lets talk (sits on a rock(oh i can see u)cool) wait demands il paint u a picture hehe

 my old teacher told me when the lion smiles to u i can symbolies arch angel michael proud of u he said to me later he said be strong and hold and i have why are u so gay gay bah!.

sorry didnt want to make u mad accidents happens well im good dont be afried if u remember what i told u i cant lie u will always know what to do ALWAys .... (relaxses)  gay love and light the first spell i learn then i went true my childhood becures its the only thing i can remember somedays star wars the force and then my crystal for my lightsaber (god)

then i just walk true the jungle fighting with all i had learn it was a ton of fun the monkey says u will be king(queen) 1 day hehe haha hihi hoho marry xmass and a break. damn i am tierd my legs arnt what they use to anymore why not u zombie /drone fighter.  sorry TaNgoFoX hihijhu u wanne  fuck yreah when im old enough to understand u il tell u fuck u young lady of the west

Good Music

 Gueess thats what im gonna write about :D Teal !!! TEal!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARgH!






Beginner Madness

Well I walk agian hello any1 in my stories me god god who Humen god i see and who do u play as 

a slow moving zombie in your world be care full il make u move so fast u wont even see it maybe ull make me rich someday i have 1 wish but il keep it to myself 

so god of gods my ask why we speek here ? so we can make teal see that its a really cool gift she gave me i can talk with other people here well if they can get past my guard :D

happy happy happy happy!! Miav so i sit down agian


and a little something to think about


may i speek says the bird out side my window what do u mean well i speak to u it says why i dont know its fun im in kindagarden :D hehe

happy happy happy happy omg its you 007 

thank u miss teal hihi

well could u bee so kind to guide me what do we wanne hear nothing

(.)(.) well what do u see eyes !!!!! me too (bird) may i also speak yeah i have hard time doing it just so u know u so ugly well i look like !!!!! i eat !!!!! i speak !!!!! there fore i am !!!!!

a nice little riddly i love why !!!!! becourse that is have your spirite guides well tell u how they smell to u wake up means be on u guard cool so mister unknow its polit to tell who u are when u enter a book unless u dont know if u can trust that book .. and book has a life of there own true the univers (god) god= love = fun = balance = control and NO one wants to take u control away if they do that u will know u always know when some trys to control u 


walk away from that person or thing that making u feel bad unless it is your own energie that is making u feel something that might be wrong with u but ahh im tired agian i need a break.


Guess il live in that energi for like well untell its gets board :D love u all My the force be with u Light and love God Bless u.<3 






Well its time agian who are u my name uhh is Kenny Christensen angel listner 4 4 years and angel for 6 months+- the loose 

So i can feel you gather strenght well pracktis pracktis im word blind a little bit so please help me out so im like  agian im allready tired ... i most smoke a cigaret its good for u health if the univers is made of the same supstains :D smoke break oh (yeah) is god welcome here? becourse he is my nanny :D well im being moved to a open place where i can walk to my current home im planning to move to the forest so i can recover in the wonderfull energies there they allready agreed to help me if it isnt to hard cool thanks :D so kids dont lose u mind over and old mans crazy ranting it will jam u in a wonderwall i actuly see no probloms with this group so should be fine as long as we dont share war stories sorry who are u really im just kenny :D a really smart man but the gods made me so lazy i cant get in shape so thats why   u have to go to the forest yes :D so i HAVE to move to get food awe and to get a healty mind :D So if its oki il summen god in this anciant text As a angel rune :D ? IT SAy s angel kindagarden yeah so its a biginner talk yeah me 2 :D what can we do we need to learn the law first nothing well thats world probloms there is an old truth in god that says u have what u need and get what  u want as long as u really want it and dont lie to u self do u really need it that fance dimond ring i can give u a rock it will be just as beutifull just not in the worlds eyes (world talk) it is jugde as less then an dimond yet i look like the same i have a green braclet its just rope but its power is my own GOD it binds me to this world and i have green shoes the coloer of willpower and nature leaf :D release yes i am chiocen bye the univers to look bad in the worlds eyes yet am i Less then others? im rich beyound words on love yet i am imprision by the system i help build. an they denied me peace for 4 years and yeah i had to fail all test inorden for me to pass but still that was not me to fail i wanted to win so i got better at listning so if the angels have something to say to u they will say it no words are bound to be forever they are easelie changed Hashloserination :D and a big angel smil i just need a smoke so i can clear my head i am 1 of gods angel its what i wish for. noow break ah well no 1 forced me to anything i guess all is well some day i might be rich what if u are u own a rock that rock can make u happy giparish well its early morning for me 11:45 may i ask who im so blessed to talk to Teal ahh cool im a huge fan but i most say ive been scared alot all does new thing well now i have to go eat my fantasy food :D Happy happy happy happy


So i guess il just paint u a picture im made becourse there is no order in my channelning they dont know what they are doing wait i see a witch hunt here hmmm .

well guys do u hunt angels too iv been to war many infected places i call sick peoples mind hell gates (monsters pop out of there heads and they feed of lost selfcontrol)

u could call that a negativ skizofrenick ? yeah cool hey listner what should we talk about im mad well if u share the word i guess what we looking for is : is something wrong.

or Share/Harmoni of the mind . talk in turns toung i am sensetiv i know what u are thinking fear reped u a nEW hole so i guess we looking for selfcontrol in your mind yes? i do oki feel me take a break this long who am i talking to well i call my self TaNgoFoX or dancing wisdom. plan boring translatede ;) smoke break and u take a reader break.

Humen Logic and math

1+1 = 2      2+2=4         1+2=3    3+4=7     it just is that way its a law it make sens yes

then il teach about the power of god he is THE FORCE  and love of love too this force is alive in you it tells u what to do it is I Am this is a Very powerfull force NEVER TO be feared

but respekted for old times sake and god is the voice that tells u what it is the bird view of life this is a baby step u take towards magic if u wanne learn even an insane person can

tell u a truth (fear of the dark) any way if u love u can never truly go wrong becourse u respekt echother so u just know what is what and when to say and when to not but if u live in peace the world will change ... LIKE if U LIVE iN war u will never find rest War is a do'er he is not evil its is an old power of shaping and pracktis and selfcontrol WAR We angel remember .. U can play with the word peace in u mind for 5 Minutes it will make u harmonize more towards joy in most humens case and give u peace it will probly also tell u what to do in order for u to get to peace of mind In love and peace i most go youres truly Good God gipraish. there is more and more longer and longer way to the edit buttom. :D


On my first day here they restricted me i can share in on the fun of word hunt anymore God bless u as 1 of my teachers would say i am honor bound to say your truth i cannot lie

yet you give me chains on me so i cannot tell the truth who are u you ask sorry the channel is still young well i looked over the madness

Team word/k.

chaptor 1

who are we(roleplay) best responds is the truth

what do we do

we change historie?

yet we also listen and meture we grow as a tree well of life

the waters of our body yet i can't quit yet tast the wholeness                               (we are mad)? just thinking what

well what if we are perfeckt and all is well ? could we belive that ?                            i guess WEiii ! COuld ... :S to many words

we improve in what we do we get better we practice untell we mastered doing  first u try then u do?

get a grip old man (fart) what! hehe i told u il paint u a picture just sometimes it comes out the wrong way yet it was quit natural the right way :D

never (evil laughter) i did that as a teenager when i finaly got it i died laughing . probly becourse i had watch die hard 1 2 3 4 :S 

im not much for stories i like to look myself in the mirror and say u right i am smart




snar t 



sn art

well Oo -> hihi


Well guess il take a break agian young ones :( 

May i share some music with you young master.

oki thanks

and some epic people

So ive been moved agian 



How to tell a good storie well ive been a walking dead resurrected back to the war of fantasy for 2 days now just a game its fun 

ive killed the spider queen :D haahaa guess il change my fate to wizard now Ill have to cross the mighty sea so i hope il survive iv slain mighty beast alot of boggarts and wolf

also help a wolf that was turned in to a man he responded to my primal force pretty cool then i had to chase the wandring well of the forest and god have been with me all the way so it was nice hope ill end this bloody war anyway oh i have also stoped some trolls and giante orgers and a evil tree so well its my moses walk in pictures guess il try to record my sprite vision If thats okay with the queen of this realm U! <<< guess il go to work :D see u on the other side

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On 6/11/2016 at 10:19 PM, PrimaMateria_ said:

Love you too brother.



Having said that, I hope we get mods on this forum. xD

You do have mods, it's just easier to spot all the weirdness for us if you click the report button on these things :D I'll handle it

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On 6/11/2016 at 2:39 PM, TaNgoFoX said:

a nice little riddly i love why !!!!! becourse that is have your spirite guides

The post is... actually.. hilarious? I can't tell.

Brother, better use the semicolon; that's how such a paragraph ought be broken; better for meter; make it look cleaner; help the reader read keenly; they'll be efficiently assimilating the information by aid of proper punctuation; there'll be less noblesse frustration; less need for youth-irrigation; no need to fork out tuition; cause this is free, to be wittin'.

Egads, young master.

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sorry could some1 im not angry please tell what i did wrong i was showing the angel news :D im kind of an old robot i gave my life away for the people so they could be happy and i battle a monster so yeah im kind off old guess its just the system testing me HEAVnly divne well im fine :D

thanks for the warme welcome

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