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Stop looking for love outside yourself and start looking for love inside yourself. the more you can find the love in your own heart the more you attract the love in others hearts. Seek through your spiritual practice to connect with the universal love principal and let that divine love fill you with love peace and joy. Once you have access to the universal love principal then you can be a source of love for others in need instead of being the needy one desperate for any human contact. Once you have divine peace others will be drawn to you and you won't need to look for love. The perfect relationship is one where to people share love for each other while being filled with universal unconditional divine love, then when your partner doesn't meet your needs the universe will. At that point even pain can be a blessing pointing the way to healing hurt and opening your heart to healing others through sharing the love you've found. 

Be blessed! God loves you and so do we.

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I recently did teals "healing the emotional body" I spent a lot of time with myself and questioned the shit out of my inside emotions.

I found that because my father left me when I was 2 years old I had developed an inability to allow people to get too close to me. As soon as they would get close I would sabotage whatever the relationship was so for all my life I have felt lonely too, finding the answer as to why I do what I do has sorted half the problem, I just need to now figure out how to stop sabotaging my relationships now.

Don't put too much pressure on positively loving yourself, instead try too look deep inside to find the original trauma that has caused you to force yourself to be lonely, your EGO is protecting you and although you feel very lonely chances are you are still not spending time with YOURSELF.

"are you happy with who you are? or are you being who you are meant to be?


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