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I'm a intense energy

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Hi I've tried both bentinho messarro and Matt Kahn s communities 

I like being open with the shadow but so far Ive only had ego response from both Matt and Ben ... 

Both have behaved in ways I don't trust ... It's not safe their new to theses things 

after sitting with both tibetian and zen masters I'd like to handle my life's journey of what presents itself right now consciously 

after watching the film the messiah the story of Jesus from baby to seven years old . A scene that says how do we explain God to himself . 

This has been my life's journey trying to raise my daughter with this vision and a partner who could not see this in himself or me or my kids ... 

Now im in court ... He is claiming insanity that I am too unfit to mother my daughter because my main focus is on her emotions and that I base my life and hers around how she feels towards life and following truth of self of desire and purpose . 

When trying for full custody after seeing a video of his girlfriend in a bondage outfit with my ex step son .. I stood in a court room and said I want full custody. I don't want my daughter influenced by this women. When asked if I reported it to cps I said no because I was told my daughter may be examined physically by a doctor if sexual abuse may be present . I didn't feel she was being physically abused but emotionally how do I prove this is as harmful . Now I'm crazy ....because I held my daughter home during the divorce as she would be going through so much emotionally from school. That looking after our children's emotionally  state as Foremost and not just sending her to school or give her to her father if she's in a state that she doesn't feel safe to go . How can we show that these old ways are the abuse not the new ways . Would teal interview me or sit with me and my daughter ... If im crazy I want to know. Cause if I'm insane as a mother then no mother should have there children . For the judge to hand over my daughter to my husband and this women . This dimention I'm in needs some alignment . 


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