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I'm new here but have been working on myself for as long as I can remember.  All the usual stuff led to this.  Bad childhood, constant moving from place to place, no positive reinforcement (quite the opposite really), bad self-image, etc., etc.  I have tried many techniques to move forward and have made progress, but the one thing that keeps coming up when I research a possible new avenue for my work is that they invariably ask me to visualize a place or situation or whatever, and I cannot do that.  I have never, to my knowledge, been able to see anything other than darkness when I close my eyes.  My dreams are sort of like a narrative without pictures.  Everyone I talk to is able to recall someone's face from years ago and see it in their "mind's eye"  just as if the person were in front of them.  Some can even hear and smell things from a dream or memory.  Does anyone else have this problem?  How do you deal with it when you're asked to visualize something?  Is there a cure for this "condition" that anyone knows of? 

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