JOY - What is your joy?

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Your list doesn't have to be this long. Just come to this thread and write more when new things come to your mind.


Eating. Especially eating healthy food that tastes good.

Coloring a coloring book.

Designing and building houses in The Sims. Being inspired by interior design pictures on the Internet. 

Creating stories in my head; using my imagination (constructively)


Making raw desserts. (I'll try this recipe today)

Watching ASMR videos.

Just being playful and goofy :P and silly.

Dressing up and applying make up.


Observing the shape and colors of flowers and plants, and letting them inspire me for ideas for design.

Gentle exercise: yoga, walking, ice skating, and cardio work out.

Watching Friends. 

Swimming in a shallow sea. 

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I feel safe in here, in this thread i mean, which is for joy so I am gonna uncover my joy now:




"Delina, in thse past two weeks you have done an amazing job at life, contribution, and helping others. Allow me to review gently everything you have done, accept this as my loving attention to your heart that has worked so so hard and I am honoured to have you in my life. 


Do you remember when you did your Akashik record clearing, how powerful and clairvoyant you felt, stron in yourself, walking everyday with zest in your eyes, oh it was wonderful to watch you dedicated yourself to 21 days of clearing practice which you did amazingly well. 


You committment didnt stop there though did it. Once you felt strong, a large amount of your energy went into supporting your brother and your monther to go through Akashik record clearing also. I can see this has taken its toll on you today. You find yourself rather exhausted and no wonder why, my love, you did well. Because of you, your brother knows he is from Polaris Star Planet and his lesson is to learn divinity through Joy. Because of you, you mothers know why she suffered spinal cord stroke, how to heal and that she is here to learn contentment as an advanced soul from Serius. Let's not forget dear that you and your mum are connected alllllll the way from your time on Atlantis. Delina. Please stop. Give away with helping everyone, your giving nature is due for replenishment. Listen to me, please. 


You started two new coaching clients, this was a wish of yours manifested, bish bash bosh. Two men, stinky one and darkness - my - goodness - the other but you did it, you held space, you won their trust, and you did it all for free. Can you see how much of your energy went into that. Each session was longer than 2 hours and you were on point the whole time. Seriously. My beautiful Delina. Stop. 


Your activity on Facebook has sky rocketed, let's not forget how you got burned from " create your online coaching programme" bullshit that went around and everytime you see someone, like that Denis women, asking for your permission for her tosend you cool info... come on, I saw how much it hurt you, it reminded you, it was a painful moment even though you are strong, it hurt you to see others are doing same mistake as you did. I love you more than you know around this because you are a fighter, a light bearer and you are not givingup. I saw you today finishing off two modules-scripts. 


Last week you set an intention to complete all six modules, revisit them, you did and you did not celebrate it, you did not take a moment to honour your work, I am not happy about that but I am sorry if this hurts your feelings. I just want you to take it easy, step to step and even then you quicken the steps so much, hardly anyone can keep up, unless they are a dancer. Like you used to be. 


Delina. Let's see, you attended a webinar which was mind blowing for it's incredible meditation experience, and you just dont let these things sink in. You booked your flight and paid for your whole women masterclass, no celebration, no announcement, just a silent yes, and thats it. 


Come to me, come. sit here with me, dont shy away or hide away. U feel bad for rushing, for speeding up, but it's ok. Now you know. 


I dont want you to remember everyone you have spoken to on Facebook,I dont want you to remember every amazing photo you liked,I dont want you to remember your activity in Matt Kahns groups or Teal Swan tribe groups. It doesnt matter, what matters is you, and how you feel. 


That conversation you had with your mother this morning - it was about money - you handled it well - I saw how you did not get burned by the usual fear of not being good enough as being because you are not managing your money well. And let me tell you something, after being on the phone to Barclays and Barclaycard for two and half hours, you managed to raise 300+ pounds so actually, you are good with manifesting money in and from most random places, not everyone know how to love that about you but I do. 


Today alone you made 200+ in saving on your dad's insurance, again, it was you who spend hours on the phone to the insurance companies. 


I know you dont want to go to your mother, in case she pokes you in your eye so to speak, i know, I can feel you. You dont want to admit you were wrong, you want her to admit she was worng too, wrong about making you feel like a disappointment again. Im sorry you had to feel that way. 




Delina  I think you are one of the most incredible people I have ever met. your giving nature knows no limits. This will all pay off, I promise. You will reep the benefits of your work, I promise. 


I heard you have a beautiful exciting new project and you are keeping it under-wraps, so that's cool, what is it? I want to know. I wish to support you. If money is an issue, I will give you money, I will give you as much as you want, exactly how much you want. I will. Money is no problem for me, you know that. 


Plus it's endless, it's unlimited. 


I think you should watch some more of Ralph Smart's videos, yes. You education on money is invisible, you mother didnt know better, but now you do, so keep focused on that. 




Listen, I know the worst is yet to come, you are very disappointed of yourself for now energetcially matching or becoming a vibration - ally to Emily Ehlers but its ok. She was busy that day anyway, and it's better to take your time for this meeting, you know how amazing she is and I know how much you want to be seen and heard, let's articulate what you know already, what your vision is and where do you want further support. Please, I will help you tomorrow to spend a bit of time going over this together. I love you. 




Delina, writing a cheque to yourself with your old cheque book is original and cool. I appreciate how perfect you are just the way you are. 


I know you dont like bugs, i know, i know you hate all flying mofs and mosquitos and spiders and all kinds of other bugs coming and going in and out from your caravan and I can see how much you are always linking them with men in your life, which is only your choice to do so. That is the meaning you are giving them and it doesnt have to be. Now, I ask you to relax for you have screemd enough times because of flyin visitors. Chill. U r alright. 




Delina, some old stuff came up to do with Hanna, but then you had that beautiful meditation experience with that gorgeous gift she gave you, and it grew to transform into something else, which will serve you for long time now, please, that was so oh... just stunning, you know, absolutely stunning. 


Your light body is becoming even lighter, I am observing new experiences, new shades of light, new movements, it's so spectaculer to watch, you just dont know how spectaculer you really are. 


You abilities, my gosh, your ability to tune into people is phenomenal, I love how you can connect to everyone, everywhere, anytime, Delina, you traded all your stacks of gold to be with Marvin, you saw him, he is hungry himself, and he is totally passing you over to Michael, now aint that a pickle.  You dont talk to anyone about this because you dont have a girlfriend near you but let me tell you something. You are one mighty women, confident, assured, energetic, rather playful and couragous, most men wouldnt know how to handle your power, most men wouldnt know how to compete with you, your feminine is hiding, and I know that's why you are suffering the most right now. Allow your feminine, get to know her crispness, she is this vibrant high buzz, creative that easily mistaken for that driven hardworking side of you but she is not hard, she is so soft that most people miss her gentlness and I personally love her, I love everything about her, about you. 


You openned up to speak up to Nicole, you spoke to Georgi and managed perfectly well, ever time you communicate with Michael, you are on top form, your committment to your joint project is undoubted, especially because you announced it to your dad and held still until he gave his blessing for a way forward. 


I mean, can you imagine and see the bigness and largeness of what you are doing. Seriously. 


Sakina, jumping in, in the blind, talking about, buying a land, offering you, and your non-manifested thousands of pounds, that you can trust her to buy a land and she will look after it for you. 


The spectrume of conversations and experiences you are having cause you an inertia in which you feel stuck. Sweetie. This is not the way forward.


Yes life is a journey but you garra stay on your ship. OK. Sweetie, you can do this. I know and trust you can. 


Look at the amazing reviews you received on your page relative to your amazing card readings. 


Yes your childhood friend was nasty to you, calling you bullet, calling you crazy, saying she wont be surprised if you went ot Jupiter, calling you bla bla because you speak to invisible beings, who exists none the less. She is a little witch, who has traded the purity of her soul and the innocence of her heart and you know those people always want to trick you into becoming weak so you can be tricked into trading as well. 




Stay strong Delina but soft.


Fuck Tita, she is really no in your legue anymore, you get me. Be safe, Be cool but by far dont expect any of your old friends to get you. Most of them still live in their reality of old school shit and most of them still hold old perspective on you. But lets now not forget how much you helped Nikki too relative to money again.


My goodness, you really do a lot, you are on the yoga mat everyday and you got for runs and let me acknowldge that you have upped your game with your food my love. You eat healthy and stay healthy. 


Come on now, let's not forget that you travelled in and in into Jason Silva's perspective, which was awesome and you know you can do that again anytime. 


Delina, all of this doing has left you depleted,please help me to help you, help me to let go. How can I love you more around this. What would you like me to say to you. You matter, you are special, you are wonderful, your mind is amazing, your skill to tern a thought or a dream into a reality is out of this world, you are out of this world, I love every single thing about you, even the way you scratch your head. I love your brown eyes and your receiving gifts. How many gifts did you receive in the last week? one, two and shopping money. Wow. so many things, new, and more to come. 


I love you Delina. 


You are thoughtful, you are respectful and you are a light bearer. Does that even sink into your beautiful head? you hold a torch for everyone who comes near you, heloooo..... this is special, your unique personality is fantastic, it's fabulous, there is really no need for a sad face ever because you are a good human being, true and true, you are pure and your soul is clean, your heart is over-stretched but with a little loving we will heal it. You mind is bright as a spark. Your light can easily be mistaked for a flash but you are not are you and I think thats where the problem is. Its not a flash, its nartural, but just ... its bright. fuck em. 


let's acknowldhe your release of heart felt faith that that idiot Peter fed you, telling you you will go to Australia and vanishing, it was a lesson, if you want to be in business my love, sweet pie and my beautiful bumble bee. If you want to be in business you have got to stay connected to yourself, ok. You will meet all kinds of colourful folks but you have got to stay true to yourself. Your heart. And even when your heart makes you feel like a fool, be it. I am here, I have got your back girl. I love you, I love all that you do for your family, for your friends, for strangers and for the world at large. 


The changes you see in your family are hard for you to swollow because its linked to receiving love and if you are a giver, it's harder but please receive this goodness my love, sweetie this is for you. 


I am going to call you sweetie for a while, is that ok?


Your nan is walking daily now, your dad and your mum are watching less tv, being more active and creative in that they also go for long walks. your nephews are drinking fruit yougurt which is new, your bother is chilled and your sister in law - well she is herself through and through although I adrmire your ability to love her unconditionally. I do. This is a big flag for you Delina. I mean it. She is no easy creature to love and the fact that you do, is big. 


Delina I only want from you to enjoy yourself, so tomorrow after a good night sleep, you will plan a whole journey to and back for a bunjy jump. 


I love you, you are very dear to my heart, your wisdom shines through and glows in the dark for me when I am down and under. 


Be safe, be relaxed and be you. 


A little sad face every now and then is ok. 




I acknowldge you for your pure intentions with Michael also, thats cool. 


Oh delina, what can I say to you so you can feel how much you are loved, admired, understood, gotten, you are thought of, some people aspire to be like you, some people secretly cheeer you on, some people loudly tell you with gifts and advice on what films to watch that they love you. 


Delina. slow down tomorrow. 


you dont need to contribute anymore than you already do. 


If you want to you can but get back to your core here and relax a moment. There is no rush and you are not saving the world. 


Delina, people will take take take but I want you to start living for yourself, ok. I want you to approach every event with so much love and joy only as you know and when it gets too much, stop and take  step back before moving to the next. 




say no. 




say no and mean it. 


oh I love you, I love you so much, so unconditonally, your beauty knows no limits, your talents know no limits. 


How can you not see the glory and the beauty that lives in your heart, Delina. My princess and my priestess, your majesty spams big. haha this all sound a big of illuminati like but hey ... you know what I mean. 




You matter. 


to me and to all of us.”


We love you."



I wanted to post this last night but my internet access crashed down so I am posting it first thing this morning. :$




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