Need advice about a world consciousness project

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for some advice about a project I am trying to create.

Ever since hearing/reading about the 'forest fire' I've felt like I need to do bit to help.  Being somewhat of a creative person I came up with the following to raise the consciousness of as many people as possible (well hoping to):

Set up a graffiti project where artists can create a number of huge 'mandala' type of murals across main cities across the world....and it should all happen at the same time. So for example, we set a date where loads of graffiti artists get together across NY, London, Rio, Madrid, Bogota etc and in the space of one night create graffiti painting of spiritual images -mandalas, frequency paintings which raise consciousness. This way everyone who walks past those on their way work etc will be affected.

Does anyone think this is realistic, or even positive?  I'd hate it to have some sort of an adverse affect...but feel like this would be great in helping at least a few, and getting them interested in spirituality?  I really wish I could ask Teal whether she thinks it's a good idea.

Any feedback would be great :)

Thank you!


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Wow! This is amazing! Check out some spiritual artist Facebook groups and post ur stuff on there, maybe do t tell them about the Forrest fire as not everyone believes this and thinks it's just fear mongering, I know cuss I sent a message a few weeks later after teals blog about this to about 50 spiritual groups but only about 80% of people understood and believed me. Any ways, yeah join a site called meet ups and check out other artists groups and then u start to make connections around the world. Awesome inspiration nice.

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Spreading the idea of spirituality in any form is a good idea. When they see these murals, you will plant seeds of enlightenment in them. This is the reason why I wear shirts that have sacred geometry on them. When people see the symbols, they get curious and start asking questions and do research.

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