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I had my son when I was at the young age of 20. After I had my second child at my 25, I decided that I wouldn’t be having any more children. But my tummy is really saggy and I would really like to have a flat stomach again. I tried many methods but I couldn’t get my stomach flat. One of my friends suggested to take tummy tuck surgery. I have been reading a few plastic surgeons reviews and found a few genuine reviews about Dr. Sammy Sliwin (http://www.goodsurgeonbadsurgeon.com/reviews/dr-sammy-sliwin/ ). I am glad that a lot of people are feeling great with the results. Anyone here has done this surgery? Any thoughts regarding this is highly appreciated.

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Just say no to unnecessary surgeries!

Any physical trauma damages the nerve fields and your energetic vitality. Even small scars do this. Look into neural therapy as evidence for this. I have a friend who achieved substantial cognitive improvements through neural therapy healing of scars. You also have risk of complications and the fact that a surgery like this will be actually removing a part of your body which sound like a form of self-hatred.

Very likely your body's inability to ping back into shape is due to a nutritional defect. If you correct that nutrition + do appropriate exercises you can very likely change it. Look into YouTube testimonials for breast sagging with diatomaceous earth also Dr. L Wilson's Nutritional Balancing with Hair Mineral Analysis from Analytical Research Laboratories. There's also a ONE test from Cyrex? Or is one of the others? Well it standards for Optimal Nutritional Evaluation anyway, just Google that.

Alternatively to all this you could just view your abdominal area as an achievement. A mark of motherhood. Why not be proud of it like you are your children?

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