Helping others: present versus future trade off

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Question: To what extent is it justifiable to harm or withhold care in order to achieve something of greater benefit to those people later?

Example: You run a private operation that provides electricity for people living in slums that otherwise would be without. You are approached by an investor who can help you to up-scale your operation to help 10 or maybe 100 times more people but doing so will pre-dispose you for some time leaving current group of beneficiaries without the electricity they have grown to depend on for some time. It is not easy to find someone to take over as the process you are currently using is dangerous and requires a lot of expertise.


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10 hours ago, walt said:

Enabling people is a double edged sword. You will get cut eventually.

Rethinking what you are saying here and I think you are right. You should never help people in a way that creates a dependency. Help people to help themselves.

Also think my desire to help people to driven from my need for acceptance and appreciation. So I know what to do now. Thank you @walt

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