Incomplete Session?

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I did the completion process right after I got up in the morning. It took me two hours to just release resistance to the feeling in that current moment. The emotional pain manifested as pain in my legs and arms, and heart. The pain was relieved when I released resistance and allow it to move through me. But this was only the first part, and I wasn't finished with it..
I asked "When was the first time I felt this feeling?" and the pain in my legs came back, intensified. I had a hard time releasing resistance this time. On top of that, the emotional struggle was harder. The pain was more dense... It felt like something more than I could handle. As if it would eat me alive. 
And I ended the process, distracted myself :( It was hard for me to distract since the feeling had grown so intense, but I did it. 
What now?

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wow! sounds like you have quite the buried emotions here... That is not an easy process my friend. be gentle with yourself, remind yourself that you are doing this to feel better and to release those old feelings, sensations, and the emotions causing them.

I know you dont like the pain that your body is giving you, but try and remember that your body is there for you. that pain is a message. not a very clear message unfortunately, but by spending time feeling that (like you did this morning) you are telling your body it is valid. It feels that for you, to keep you safe. Healing is not a process you can rush. There is no "all better" button. It is slow, and will take as long as it takes.

Teal has a great tip, to try and visualize your pain or your limbs or organs that hurt, as human. what form would they take? try and visualize them in a way that communication is easier, and let your body tell you whats going on. Remind it you care, remind it you love how hard it work is to protect you.

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Agreed!  There is no "finished" button. Without all the steps, how did you do the Completion Process?  I heard there are 20 steps of which 5 or so are listed in one of our forums.  Great Work!!!  Peace and Joy to you~

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