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What does it mean to be a Host?

Though I've been following Teal and practicing her ways of healing in my life for quit some time now, I'm very new to her online site. I LOVE that we can all connect through this site, it only my first day and I've already learned and healed so much more and I would on my own. (I was romanticizing about suicide for the first time in my life, from these emotions I had no idea how to deal with, when she let me know through her "new announcement" video that I could make connection on her site, I cried, and instantly signed up!!! :))

What I'm curious to know more about it being a Host in my community. Its my first month in Georgia, from Cali and I have zero friend or connection here. its quite lonely to be honest. I crave to converse and meet up with the Swan followers in person. How do i go about this? Do i just change my status from member to host and plan a meeting in a local park somewhere? bring snacks haha? It would be very healing, I believe, to find there are folks just like me. And I imagine also great fun! :)

I want to start letting the world feel Oneness starting in my little town.

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