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Hi everyone,

Recently a friend (of which I have a very strong connection) and i have attempted two nights in a row to meet each other in a dream state and/or have the same dream. So far the results have been intense and related. We are recording the dreams, dates , and other important information.

The first night, I found my friend, but she wasn't really responding. She was essentially sleeping where I found her (she also didn't recall dreaming. The next night she found me. I also was "asleep" (I unfortunately I had a dark entity attached to my leg) and I don't recall dreaming that night. [Details of the dreams and situations make perfect sense and match up]

We will continue to try. I also want to note that I do not think that this was astral projection. 

Has anyone else shared a dream with someone or has anyone attempted to meet someone in a sleep state? I'd love to hear your stories and comments. 


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9 minutes ago, MavEn said:




Hahah not that I am consciously aware of. You see earlier this month i was studying telepathy and trying that out with some friends who of course we're not aware. But I've heard from a few teachers that if you are sleeping and a friend is thinking of you who is awake, you will see them in your dream. I'm sure there will be people saying they have done similar to your experience ?

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