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You need to learn how to transmute your bad vibes to good vibes. Just let the emotion come up, understand  why you are have having the emotion, accept it, and let it go. It's a process that takes time. You should also try to focus on good thoughts while healing your bad thoughts to feel more free. Positive thoughts are empowering and makes you feel free.

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You have resistance towards your anxiousness and as you think of that subject you even raised your resistance instead of just letting it be.
 Dont forget some problems are so deep rooted that you will need more than just a day to get rid of them, also you could try to resolve some childhood trauma that might be connected to this particular problem.

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On 15.08.2016 at 2:26 AM, Brandy Bailey said:

I'm feeling trapped. You know how spiritual people like to say "hey, feel your feelings" ..Well,  today I tried getting rid of my anxiousness by sitting with it , allowing it to get worse, but it felt never-ending. I sat with the emotion for soo long to the point where I got emotionally drained for the day. 


Has anyone ever experienced something similar? Does anyone have advice for me?

Yes, it happened to me. I sat with the feeling, wished it got better... I couldn't trick my mind though. The feelings are a part of us, they are as smart as you are. I'm talking about the feelings as if they're seperate entities, but really, they have their consciousness. They have their stories to tell.
When you sit down to feel them with the hidden (from yourself even) intention of feeling better, the feelings get more aggressive. I experienced it many times...
The only time the feelings dissolved within me, was when I allowed them to move through me, no matter how long it takes. I LET them take over my body completely, and gave the control to them. That's when the shift happens.
I'd be lying if I said it's not scary because I know the end result. It's scary every time to give into a feeling. Every time, when I'm in the middle of the process, I feel torn by it. But, the end is very good. Unless you complete the process. 

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